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I started my journey as a part time SuperLife Member in 2017. But when I saw drastic changes in my Superlife friends’ lifestyle, I decided to start my journey in Superlife as a full timer in May 2019. From that day onwards, as a person with no knowledge about the business world, I faced a lot of challenges, rejections, disappointments, and discrimination from many people. I would like to thank them all for giving me the motivation to keep working hard to achieve my goals here.

Thank you to my Direct Coach Master Vith for introducing me to this platform and the guidance on this journey. 

Thank you my Mentors Chief Mohan and Chief Varan

Thank you Chief Vimalan, and all the core leaders of Dominator for the guidance on this journey.

Thank you Mr.Lai for giving us this platform, Special thanks to the SuperLife management team as well.

Last but not least, thank you to all my downlines for the trust and commitment you gave to my vision in this journey.

I dedicate this DCD Rank achievement to all the Dominators fighting to achieve their dream here.

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