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Double Crown Diamond – Sy Aminata Satigui

Double Crown Diamond - Sy Aminata Satigui


Alhamdoulilahi I give thanks to our Creator for allowing me  to  live this beautiful adventure filled with challenges.

I am proud to be the sponsor of the Senegalese Winning Team.

Today is a  memorable  day because I qualified  Double Crown Diamond with a team of over 4000 members in 30 countries in less than 2 years, in a Period of the Covid19 pandemic.

A big thank you to our founder Mr KEN, for creating this opportunity of Diamond on a gold platter

Special mention to my beloved parents for the values ​​they  instilled in me and for shaping me to be positive and  passionate  in all that we do.

To my brothers and sisters for the accompaniment and hats off to my adorable husband Mr. Lèye for his understanding, his physical, moral and financial support.

Thank you to this great winning team, especially my brave leaders, leaders of the network of champions and our BIG Leader Prince for their unfailing support.

You have proven to me once again that the success of MLM  is the fruit of the combined efforts of a good team and a good Leader.

Thanks to each of you for the amazing work. Thank you for being part of the winning team.


I love you.

Life is super

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