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Double Crown Diamond – George Adjarko Banabas Junior

Double Crown Diamond - George Adjarko Banabas Junior

My Greatest Thanks goes to the Almighty God – the God I worship for His Protection, Mercies, Grace and Favour which has helped me to rank advance to Double Crown Diamond.

Ever since I joined SuperLife 3 years ago my Life has been transformed for the Better. I have become a blessing to myself, my family, friends, the Poor and the Needy.

As a Medical Doctor, I have passion to help heal people who are sick and STC 30 and all the other SuperLife Products are helping to do that job fantastically.

I have been able to do sound Investments at this early with the huge Commissions I have made from the SuperLife Business. I bless the Day I found SuperLife Business.

Special Thanks goes to all my Team Leaders and all my Team Members across the world – SuperLife Winning Team and all of it Subsidiaries – Team Falcons, SuperLife Joy Team, Residual Income Earners, Diamonds Team etc., I appreciate all of you guys. It’s my prayer that the Good God blesses all of us with rank advancement as we put in the requisite work.

Thank you Mr Lai Tek Kean and your Co Founders for starting SuperLife – a network marketing business helping people to become Healthy and Wealthy globally.

Thank you Leaders of Dominator Team especially Mr. Vithia and Mr. Vimalan, Team Dominator Ghana and Ghana Agency for all the support you gave me to achieve this Feat.

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