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It has been an incredible journey from the day I started Superlife business on the 8th of November 2019. My aim from get-go was to become a crown diamond within 12 months. I worked my socks-off knowing that every good thing comes with believe and dedication. I am pleased that in 22 months I have been able to achieve Double Crown Diamond (DCD) rank. Making me the first DCD in UK and the entire Europe.

First, I’ll like to thank God for this great achievement and all my team who have continued to believe in me and who are still working hard to achieve more successes in their business. I also wish to admonish members who have allowed themselves to be dissuaded into other things, I hope this achievement can give you a re-think. Superlife is a global business, and we surely stand a great chance to achieve all our dreams in Superlife. With Superlife, life is surely super.

I’ll like to say a special thank you to the incredible people who have mentored me through this business process, topmost is Mr Sangkara Pillay, who has continuously stood by me and believed in my abilities, even more than I believed in myself. He has spent sleepless nights coaching, mentoring, and supporting me. You are indeed a brother. Big up to you bro!

Massive thanks also go to Chief Mohan, founder of Dominator team for all his help every time. Thanks to Dr Mahadevan, the system coach for playing fatherly role all the time. To all other Dominator members worldwide who have shown resilience and not given up on their dreams.

Special thanks to the management team of Superlife, starting with the CEO, Mr Lai Tek Kean, Mr Harry, Mr Paul and Mr Leo. You are not just normal team, you are incredible. Thanks for all you do and to all the office staff.

I’ll like to say that this is just the beginning, we still have a mountain of success to climb, what are you waiting for? Let’s be starting the journey.

Take lots of chances. Listen to the nudging of your heart, it is always right. You learn and grow from each choice you make from your heart. Life is good.

To your success.

Abiola Olaifa

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