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Many join our business and desire instant success, they give up suddenly when they experience delays. We have been building for years, the results come if only you don’t quit…Be patient with the results while engaging in consistent action.

With a lot of ups and downs happened along the way of building business together with my team Leaders we decided to give a deaf ear to all disappointments, rejections and mockery, doubts and we decided to stick on one strong Reason to why we started and nothing can stop a determined mind, set to achieve a Goal 🤝

I would like to express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to SuperLife Founder and CEO Mr. Lai Tek Kean and all his Co-Founders for this Life Changing business Platform and Support extended to us 🙏🏾    

My Dedication of this DOUBLE CROWN DIAMOND 💎 RANK Achievement goes to Founder of Crown Team and my sponsor Mr. Innocent Bruce Mugisha and to all Teams under Big Dreamers Team both Locally and internationally for true hard work, focus and commitment portrayed which has led to this Team Achievement 💪🏾

My advise to every focused and committed SuperLife member is the Progress of other People doesn’t mean you are failing rather stick on the right track with massive Action in doing all business activities your right time is yet to come 🤝





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