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CROWN DIAMOND – Frances Buenaventura

CROWN DIAMOND - Frances Buenaventura

Superlife World became a vehicle for our whole family to achieve our dreams and for that we are forever grateful. 

My parents started the Superlife World business in 2017 and I was just a college student back then. I still do not know how to run and operate a business, being an entrepreneur was not in my vocabulary back then. My aim that time is very typical, to graduate and earn my degree then find a job. My Dad and Mom did not force me to do the business but instead they let me naturally find what was in stored for me. At first they involve me by doing small things for the business like creating ads, posters and sometimes edit some videos. Little by little I get to understand and see what other wonderful things I can achieve in this business. I was able to realize that not only my dreams are possible but more importantly in this you have the power to change another person’s life because this business is about helping others succeed. 

I was able to graduate in one of the prestigious schools in the Philippines because of Superlife. I can travel the world and discover new things. I am able to enjoy life and looking forward to achieve even greater heights in this business.

Thanks to my Dad Migue and Mom Miyuki Buenaventura without their help I will not be able to make it this far. To the directors and founders of Superlife CEO Kean, Harry and Paul thank you for full your support to the Philippine Team. 

Thank you God for I know your will always comes in the perfect timing.

Life is Super!

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