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CROWN DIAMOND – Meenakumari I/K Selvan

CROWN DIAMOND - Meenakumari I/K Selvan

The day I decided to start my wonderful journey with Superlife in 2017 was the turning point in my life. I am from an orthodox Indian family, a full-time homemaker, oblivious of the outside world where girls are not encouraged to pursue a career. I was like a caterpillar in a deep slumber, awaken to reality and evolved to a beautiful butterfly. Among many restrictions and limitations, I did join few other network marketing companies prior to Superlife but was not able to pursue further under my circumstances and meet the requirements of the business. But today, in SuperLife I am a Crown Diamond.

Superlife came as a blessing to me at the most opportune time. I take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to our Founder/CEO, Mr.Lai Tek Kean, for giving us this wonderful global business platform which has transformed the lifestyle of many across the globe healthwise and wealthwise. My sincere appreciation and thanks to my wonderful leader and Co-founder of Team Dominator, Chief Varan for having confidence in me and for the unending support and guidance. My special appreciation and thanks to our SLWC System Coach, Dr.Mahadevan for believing in me and instilling in me the knowledge to discover my inbuilt qualities and ability to excel as a leader. Thanks to all the core leaders and emerging leaders in my team for their hard work and teamwork, who have leveraged me as  Emerald Leader today.

It is indeed a blessing from God and a privilege for me to be part of this amazing and distinguished company which has created and creating many highly successful entrepreneurs globally. Even during the pandemic, Superlifeworld has given a new lease of life to many and saved its members from succumbing to the consequences of the pandemic.

We Came, We Saw, We Dominate!!

Life is Super with Superlife!!

-Meenakumari Selvan

Crown Diamond & Ladypreneur 2018

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