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CROWN AMBASSADOR (I) – Pinky Maphumulo Ntozakhe “SuperQueen”

CROWN AMBASSADOR (I) - Pinky Maphumulo Ntozakhe "SuperQueen"

My fellow SuperLife partners, lt is with great pleasure filled with so much excitement to announce that as of today the 01st of October 2022 I am proud to announce myself to you as a Superlife Crown Ambassador 1 (CA1). 

This comes at a right time where I wanted to reintroduce myself to the World, my name is Pinky also known as Pinksta the SuperQueen mother of a dynamic team called TEAMSA. 

My achievement has a testimony, when we came back from Dubai my team took a resolution that we are going to UNITE and do things collectively. I strongly believe this network needs us to work closely with each other in order to win. 

I am more energized to help with all my capabilities to help everyone to make money which is confirmed by ranking up in SuperLife. 

To the amazing SuperLifeWorld management and staff thank you for looking after us and always making sure that our earnings are injected on time. My CEO you are simply the best of the best, getting a special message from you “My beloved leader, Congratulations🎊 on your promotion! Life is Super ” – Lai Tek Kean My SuperMan  

You enlighted my day and reminded me that it is always important to share such achievements, thank you for seeing it and sending this special message it means a lot and shows that you care about us.

To my fellow partners at large thank you for the support and words of encouragement . To my wonderful team my leaders you are the best without you I wouldn’t have made it and you know what my heart wishes for each and everyone of you, thank you lastly but not least to my family especially my lifetime partner my Mkhulu you are simply the best God created you for me as I believe you have played a huge role into my success sosha lami k’dala sigudla mina nawe😂. We have so many beautiful, sad, devastating and exciting memories that we have shared in our journey while we were building this amazing business here in South Africa & abroad. I pray that the Lord keeps on protecting you for me so I get to be able to be more productive as you are my pillar of strength. 

My promise to you I will never leave nor forsake you my SuperLife family, we are together for Life. 

Let us persist until something happens, let’s meet at the top. To God be the Glory 🙌🏾

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