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As I look back 4years ago when I said YES to Network Marketing business under the Superlife banner, all I can say is “thank you Lord for making me see and grab this opportunity”

Quitting my job as a policeman to go full-time into Superlife business is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my life and as I receive this recognition, I dedicate it to all my customers and business partners who are scattered all over the world and most of these are total strangers who believed in me before we became one big family called TEAM HAVILAH…if it wasn’t for you, I’d be nothing and my life would be moving in circles

my heartfelt gratitude also goes to the company founders mr lai tek kean and his team whose support and humility is unmatched within the network marketing world

My special thanks also goes to my upliners Matongo and Kim for the 24/7 support system that they continue to provide

my word of encouragement to those who want to join and to the new members is: there’s much more money chasing too few people in this world but not everyone has the eyes to see it….if ever Superlife ever crossed your path, then that’s a sign of money calling you


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