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DOUBLE CROWN DIAMOND – Samuel Ngenge Chumuluh

DOUBLE CROWN DIAMOND - Samuel Ngenge Chumuluh

Over 3 years ago, making some huge financial figures was a far dream for me.

But in 2019, God brought the superlife business opportunity to me through my upline, leader and coach Leader Emmanuel. 

And He(God) enabled me to achieve the Double Crown Diamond rank, to the glory of his name. This is validation that, ordinary men can make huge financial success through powerful platforms (superlife system)

This wouldn’t be possible without God bringing people like Leader Emmanuel who has held my hand directly to were I am and the amazing success lines we have in Cameroon and beyond for their support.

I want to also thank the entire Eagle’s Team through the Leadership of Leader Leah, Leader Dobson and Leader Emmanuel and the great SuperTeam through the Leadership of Coach Adi, for their relentless support and blessings.

I appreciate the Leadership of Superlife World through Mr Lai Tek Ken for creating this platform and for their continuous support to the growth of their distributors. I pray for more wisdom in the team.

This new mile stone and other success stories in superlife have clarified just one thing to me: the dream of becoming financially free is possible through superlife for some one who starts, and leverages on the huge support from great mentors and coaches but also one who stays focus. 

Cheers to all superlife distributors of good faith who believe in superlife and and supporting the vision in one way or the other so that it will not only serve for prosperity but also for posterity. If we work together, we will touch many lives through this God given vision. 

It’s not been easy but the challenges are worth the impact and the success. 

I dedicate this success to my wife(Ndaneseh Marvel Nkambi) and Daughter (Ngenge Eloria)(Best Coaches and/or Best Support Systems) for the believe in me and their sacrifice. We fight together

Long live superlife world. Life is super✌️

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