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According to Dan O’Brien, “Consistency is the fruit of the tree of success. The more you do something effectively and with a goal in mind, the better you will get at it and the more you will feel fulfilled.” Therefore, the journey to a DOUBLE CROWN DIAMOND RANK is indeed a confirmation of the lead quote. 

It is worthy to mention here that this race began in 2019 with a super package registration of one thousand, one hundred dollars ($1100). The voyage was not so smooth ab initio but with God, everything became possible. 

Esther Udokpoh founded SHINING STARS TEAM, one of the fastest growing teams in Superlife. She has seminar centres across the country and numerous distributors globally. She has produced many millionaires in a short space of time. Mrs. Udokpoh became a CROWN DIAMOND in less than two years of joining Superlife Company. And she recently hit the DOUBLE CROWN DIAMOND RANK. Moreover, she also qualified for Thailand, Dubai, Malaysia and Switzerland/France international trips. 

Esther is an amazing personality and her types and kinds are very rare to be found. She remains very focused, consistent and meticulous in her endeavors. She is gifted in converting one-time customers to very loyal customers in seconds. She is an inspiration to many and has helped a lot of her team members to actualize their dreams. A networker par-excellence. 

She returns all glory and honour to God for his benevolence, guidance and protection. Thanks to the CEO and Superlife Co-founders for creating an avenue where little shots are made big shots in a very short while. Esther Udokpoh is highly indebted to Amb. Charles Chima, Chairman-Superlife Nigeria for the rescue mission with regards to products intervention when the going was tough and his support/assistance to Shining Stars Team. She is also thankful to the progenitor of Superlife Team Fusion, Amb. Jonathan Abbey, the Directors and others who have contributed to her progression. To all Shining Stars globally, you are indeed the Diamond makers, Esther holds you so dearly to her heart. And to the man behind her success, the best husband in the world and the greatest Strategist, Amb. Nyaknno Udokpoh, Esther will forever love and cherish you. 

Thank you all and God bless. 

With Superlife, Life is indeed Super.

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