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CROWN DIAMOND – Tipmanas Wongpakornkiat

CROWN DIAMOND - Tipmanas Wongpakornkiat
“Super life Life is Super “
I love this Motto. First of all, I would like to thank a lot to MD. Chatchawal for inviting me to join SuperLife and also thanks our friendly Founder Mr. Lai Tek Kean and group to setup this company.
1. I love to help people and this company can change people life to be better. Better in living, better in health, seems like you just give your hand to people all over the world for better and better more of life, thank you very much
2. I am 75 years old still can help my Thai people to have better life and better living, more money, more activity that make me healthy and look younger than my age
3. I love travelling, I have to pay my own expense to travel but after I joined this company, me and others that achieved target can get promotion to travel as VIP and free of charge.
AMAZING I would like to promise to God and everyone in SuperLife company” I will do my best ” thank you.
Tipmanas Wongpakornkiat { SUZY }

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