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CROWN DIAMOND – Patricia Onoja

CROWN DIAMOND - Patricia Onoja

Superlife was my first major product sale bussiness. I had alot to learn and at a time abandoned it. But thank God for Johnny who patiently waited for me and picked me up.

This came cos we ve a great company, The 3rd Best Direct selling company in the world, with so many awards of excellence :

The SUPERLIFE WORLD with super super management.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.

To say that this Bussiness is good will be an understatement, is great health wise and wealth wise. Thank you superlife 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

I dedicate this to God Almighty who has been my strength. 

I thank the CEO, Lai Tek Kean, the directors Mr Paul, Mr Leo and dearest  Mr Harry. These great men are wonders to behold.

I cant thank Chief Mohan enough. The Dominator 001 as I fondly call him is the greatest team leader I ve ever known. His support toward me has been a reason for me to work harder.  Thank you so much Greatest Boss.

The other leaders of Dominator, Chief Veran, Master Vithie, Dr Maha and all the other leaders, ve touched me in so many ways and contributed in no small way towards this Rank of CROWN DIAMOND.

Mr John Britto, my man of the moment, my push, my inspiration and dependable bussiness Partner, what could I ve done without you? This is our win. The sleepless nights we shared  working, putting me thro day and night brought about this success. The endless telephone calls not minding the time difference sometimes make me wonder if you are human or spirit. Your patience and commitment to my team is the reason for this Crown Diamond. 💎

Thank you so much John 

Team MamaAfrica, you guys rock. You are the best in the world. This is your win and I celebrate it with you guys. Thanks so so much for being in my team. 

I ve only 2 regrets, I wish I joined earlier, I wish i took it seriously when I joined. 

My greatest joy is, with superlife world, no time is too late. Is you, that decide how to succeed.

To all superlife staff and Team Dominator partners in particular, Sangkara, Vimalan, Norah, Dr Bernard, Dr Raji, Pst Simon and all too many to mention, I say thank you and God bless you for being a part of my success story

My family came in at the tail end to give the push that resulted in the CROWN earlier than I anticipated and I say thank you for all the super registrations. Thanks for the Family support ❤ 💙 💕

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