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Hi everyone,
My name is K.PREMNATH, I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
I was working in the AUTOMOBILE industry for 15 years.
However my entrepreneurial spirit kept pushing me to express itself. So I decided to start my own business.
I tried my luck to set up a franchise chain Madras Coffee House in Chennai.
Without much experience, I was never able manage it well. Instead of profit making, I ended up being heavily in debts.
This is when I was introduced to Network Marketing Profession by my friend Senthil. I am indebted to him as I gained much experience through the profession guided by him.
The experience was more of a Learning and less of earning curve.
It created more financial challenges which forced me back to work.
I continued to work very reluctantly with hope of getting a business opportunity.
Lo Behold my prayer was answered when my friend DCD S.K Jagadeesh invited me to join him in Superlife, a new start up from Malaysia.
From the day it started, there was a huge paradigm shift in my life with a quantum leap change from poverty to prosperity!
One of the milestones was the earning of 1,00,000 USD (INR 81,00,000) in SUPERLIFE and the title of CROWN DIAMOND.
My heartfelt attitude of gratitude to the following people…
1. First and foremost my friend and sponsor DCD S.K JAGADEESH for introducing this miracle opportunity with constant support.
2. Our master teacher from Malaysia Dr Maha and his loving wife Ms Bakiam. Not only we gained the opportunity through them but also constant guidance with a structured system.
3. My sincere thanks to Chief Mohan Dominator Founder who together with DOMINATOR CORE GROUP of leaders have treated me like a friend and a brother.
4. Founder Mr Kean together with Co Founders Mr Harry and Mr Paul who have not founded a life changing platform but managing it so well as a platform for all with the support of our STAFF team in SUPERLIFE HQ!
5. My left and right team leaders who are working as family together with Chennairockstar fellow leaders to serve the public at large local and global.
6. The ever supportive MANAGING DIRECTOR DR WILLIAM who has help us to withstand all pioneering challenges to keep growing in India.Together with his hardworking staffs , they have been a important role to reach my goals.
7. My gratitude also goes to my FAMILY – my beloved late Parents for giving me a good and caring life and my Wife and children for a being there always for me.

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